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Anti Chafing Gel 50g

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  • Prevents & soothes skin irritation
  • Anti-septic properties
  • Soothes dry skin
  • Deeply moisturizes


Regardless of whether you are a sprinter, cyclist, or just somebody who sweats a great deal, no one enjoys the skin scoured until its crude and exciting.

Anyway, what causes it? Abrading for the most part appears as raised skin or rash brought about by erosion either from the skin on the skin or skin on the dress goaded by sweat. Regularly seen as a red rash, abrading is amazingly awkward and agonizing, however, 100% ordinary and extremely normal.

Serious cases can bring about rankling and, in any event, draining, however at the outset- it appears as an extremely bothering rash that gets inconceivably sore.

The Men's Lab Anti-Chafing Gel for men is intended to be used in sensitive or intimate regions. Its moisturizing qualities prevent skin irritation and restore lost skin texture while providing on-going protection against blisters, ulcers, and chaffing. This men's chafing cream prevents chafing on your back and any other body parts that rub together or against clothes, making it ideal for runners and other athletics.

The Anti-Chafing Gel by Men's Lab is specially made by, tested by, and created for Men's. It will absorb excess moisture throughout the day, prevent skin infections, and reduce skin irritation and itching.

Anti-Chafing Gel from Men's Lab is a must-have if you are prone to chafing.