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Intimate Wash Combo

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This algae-based men's intimate hygiene wash is designed specially to restore the pH balance of your skin. The aloe vera and tea tree extract, known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, are present in the right proportion to free your skin from unwanted odor and itchiness and maintain men's intimate hygiene.

This Berry Extract in Intimate Wash Berry is super nourishing, and they are rich in antioxidants.

The Intimate Wash Berry by Men's Lab is the perfect hygiene wash for men.


Regardless of whether you are a sprinter, cyclist, or just somebody who sweats a great deal, no one enjoys the skin scoured until its crude and exciting.

Anyway, what causes it? Abrading for the most part appears as raised skin or rash brought about by erosion either from the skin on the skin or skin on the dress goaded by sweat. Regularly seen as a red rash, abrading is amazingly awkward and agonizing, however, 100% ordinary and extremely normal.

Serious cases can bring about rankling and, in any event, draining, however at the outset- it appears as an extremely bothering rash that gets inconceivably sore.